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Rian Katherine

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Since taking my love for fashion to the next level through formal training, I’ve been working carefully and thoughtfully to design quality products that would be functional, fashionable, and durable for those like me who are on-the-go and looking for a modern, stylish accessory to accompany them.

Rian Katherine, Founder and Creative Director

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As the Founder and Creative Director of RIAN KATHERINE, I am thrilled to be the driving force behind this luxury brand where every collection is a blend passion, design, and functionality.  

Born into a family of fashion models, both my mother and grandmother were my guiding fashion lights and their striking senses of style has been emulated throughout my life. They were the catalysts for my love for fashion and inspired me to pursue a career in modeling.

However, not fitting the stereotypical model profile, I instead, went on to undergraduate school with sights on becoming a Pediatrician. Intimidated by the pre-med curriculum, I bounced to Business and landed in Communications Arts, Radio, TV, and Film. Satisfied with my creative education, I felt it important to have a holistic balance, thus I completed my master’s degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media management. After working as a film producer, I still longed for more creativity and returned to complete my formal education in Fashion Design.

Looking back over the years of exploration in and around fashion, design, film and business, it was the set up to the career of my dreams. And with joy and honor, I present RIAN KATHERINE a luxury handbag and accessories company that caters and empowers to today's modern women offering easy, functional, and luxury style.

(Classic+Luxury)x(Function+Quality)x(Edgy+Elegant)=RIAN KATHERINE


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